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The Future of Reserve Fund Studies


     I have used the services of Caliburn Engineering at my condominiums for both reserve fund studies and performance audits with great success. They offer competitive pricing and Chris Williston is very easy to get along with. I have found him to be good with timelines which are extremely important, especially with newly registered condominiums. Chris is also involved in CCI and therefore stays on top of the goings- on in the condominium world. Considering his experience and great communication, I am happy to recommend Caliburn Engineering.

-Sara Hicks, RCM, Property Manager, M.F. Property Management Ltd.

     Chris Williston of Caliburn Engineering is one of Inspirah Property Management’s go to engineering companies when it comes to reserve fund studies and performance audits. His work is of the highest caliber and is always done efficiently and with the upmost professionalism. He is personable and always willing to work with and speak to a Board of Directors to explain his studies in layman’s terms that sets a Board’s mind at ease.

-Robin Cowell, Chief Executive Officer, Inspirah Property Management Ltd.

     I have worked with Chris Williston of Caliburn Engineering for a few years now and I have always been impressed with the professional, systematic and logical approach they have provided to us and our condominium clients. Chris Williston is responsive, knowledgeable and empathetic allowing any client to feel comfortable that they have the right person on the job. We will continue to use Caliburn Engineering’s services and recommend them to any condominium corporation that is looking for a reserve fund study that makes sense and suits the needs of the community.

-Anthony Irwin, RCM, Comfield Management Services Operations Manager

     I have used Caliburn Engineering for many years for a majority of my Condominium Corporations and I have found his studies to be thorough, professional and very accurate. I have found Chris to be very responsive and the studies and/or any requested changes to be done in a very timely manner. Chris does not hesitate to meet with the Board of Directors or myself and I would highly recommend him and his company to anyone looking to get a Reserve Fund Study update done.

-Robert Tilson, RCM, Property Manager Wilson, Blanchard Management Inc.

     Caliburn Engineering is one of the top options for Performance Audits and Reserve Fund Studies in Southern Ontario. My questions and concerns are always answered quickly with detail. I have used Caliburn for all of my Guelph condominium’s and have always found Chris very helpful and respectful. With Caliburn you’ll find communication a breeze, pricing very reasonable, and clear concise professional reports.

-David Finoro, B.A. (Hons), RCM Candidate, Property Manager, M.F. Property Management Ltd.

     I have held my current portfolio of condominiums with Inspirah Property Management for six years, and during that time I have had to deal with building structural projects, such as roof replacements, HVAC refurbishing, energy savings installations and reserve fund studies. Condominiums have significant restritions under which they have to function, namely the fact that, under the Condominium Act 1998, they are expected to operate witihin a zero profit budget. Most times, these projects require the services of an engineer, and one of the biggest challenges facing property managers is to get engineers to appreciate and understand the need to find easier and smoother ways for condominium boards to make their decisions.

     I was first introduced to Chris Willistion of Caliburn Engineering Inc. some five years ago. Increasingly during this period, I have used Chris' services for a number of projects. I have found him to be personable, easy to work with and when apprised of a condominium corporation's dilemma he is always willing to listen. While he might not always agree to a Board's request, he will always seek a solution mutually agreeable to both parties. His work is accurate and he delivers his projects on time.

-Ian Raynor, Property Manager, Inspirah Property Management

     Burlington-Hamilton Property Management Inc. does business with Caliburn Engineering on behalf of Condominium Corporations. Caliburn provides excellent service, with full knowledge and understanding of BHPM , and my clients needs. Reserve Fund Study's are always completed in a timely manner. Pricing is very important to Condominium Corporations, Caliburn provides most competitive pricing. Chris is always willing to help with any questions.

-Kathy Murray, Senior Property Manager, BHPM